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 Above; GtLO as it was off & on from 2001 through 2006 or so, w/ flash and dhtml inlc. fr. 1998 thru 2013

Google "killed" due to some schmuck deciding my code was hostile... seriously.
Anyway; I appreciate all the feedback I received prior to my decision to remove some details inlcuding means of corresponence.
(Apologies; no time to reply to, or address issues listed in your messages)   
  Most of the content that generated positive feedback will return... soonish.
GtLO, lately, is being used for dev & "testing" of some code on a volunteer basis.
Thank you for visiting GettheLedOut of course...
btw; Torrents will return; Those I had previously made available, are still, via KAT & of course with all the many alternate trackers in action, no issues noted as of mid-May
Many Thanks to you all.